About Us

Cavok ltd is a small UK business which over the past 17 years has built a strong reputation in the light aviation industry for developing and supporting ground breaking pilot flying aids, flying school and aircraft maintenance database systems under its QuDieM trade mark.

With long term experience in Senior Executive Management roles in both large and small scale businesses as well as I.T. Systems Development and Support we have the skills and experience needed get your information working for you and supporting your business needs.

We are passionate about delivering highly functional database systems built specifically for the needs of light aviation businesses to provide business insight through key managment information while supporting and streamlining day to day business administration tasks.

We believe in great customer support and have a desire to build strong, reliable working relationships with our clients. Our support tools enable us to remotely support you through the implementation process as well as the ongoing use of our database systems.

Our History....

CloudBaseGAis launched. The on-line platform for general aviation aircraft operations. Created to link and work seamlessly with our QuDieMGA software range. CloudBaseGA offers aircraft booking and real time autoLog flight records, flight invoicing, aircraft hours and tech log entries. Find out more at www.cloudbasega.com

QuDieMGA Flight Training Operations is launched. This new system combines the full functionality of QuDieMFT Operations with the Fuel Station system into one single package with a pricing structure scaled to the size of the club.

CAMS - Continuous Air Worthiness Maintenance System is developed for Northumbria Flying School to support Part M continuous Air Worthiness Maintenance requirements.

QuDieMFT08 FliteDesk offers all the membership and invoicing features of the Operations system in an entry level system requiring minimal set-up for less than £1.00 per day.

The QuDieM QuikPLAN wind computer continues the ease of use and convenience of the Navigator, but with the capability of in-flight single handed operation, making it the ideal diversion planning aid (particularly relevant to student pilots) and pre-flight planning tool for PPL’s.

As part of a major upgrade QuDieMFT08 Operations incorporated archiving and back-up facilities and enhanced features for handling third-party trial lesson flights.

New QuDieMFT applications to export transaction data to Sage accounting packages, allow network operation and extend the custom analysis and reporting functions.

Partnership Plus was introduced, allowing flying clubs to use QuDieMFT software with the benefit of telephone support and discount on accessory packages and services for a single affordable monthly fee, fixed for the continued use of the system.

QuDieMFT Operations V2 launched. Over the period since its launch QuDieMFT Operations continued to expand its capabilities in response to users’ needs. Hours Accounts, Tech Log data, Instructors’ hours and pay and the many different methods clubs use to charge for flying and track maintenance hours were all incorporated on a case by case basis. Version 2 brought together all the combinations of features required industry-wide and enabled clubs to self-configure the system to match their specific practices.

QuDieM QuikHOLD a unique wind computer for use when entering and flying holding patterns. Based on the same principles as the Navigator, selecting the wind parameters and setting the in-bound heading displays the still-air outbound heading and heading and time corrections required to achieve the in-bound heading and four minute circuit. A reversible plate illustrates entry procedures for Right and Left Hand holds.

QuDieM Navigator, the first in a line of patented, easy to use and practical flight computers for the student and PPL pilot. Based on a flying speed of 100 ±10 Kts, still-air magnetic heading and flight time are directly indicated together with drift and sector time correction factors for winds up to 40Kts, eliminating the compass, ruler, pencils and complex procedures required with conventional flight computers.

QuDieMFT Operations, first installed at the Northamptonshire School of Flying, offers flying clubs in the UK a point of sale computer system designed around their unique requirements. By integrating members, aircraft, instructors and shop sales in a single system for the first time, invoices and information and administrative output is produced from the simple entry of flight details in a format familiar to operations staff.

QuDieM On-line was the first internet booking service for flying groups. Launched at the 1997 PFA Rally the service was used by across the UK and lead the way in establishing on-line booking as normal practice for syndicates.