Flight Computers

The QuikHold holding pattern computer and the QuikPlan flight plan computer offer a unique solution for pre and in flight planning for light aviation pilots and student pilots. These flying aids have been designed specifically for their ease of use within the cockpit and remove the need for tedious mental arithmatic.

Image of a QuDieM QuikHold flight computer for calculating holding patterns

QuDieM QuikHOLD is a unique light aviation Holding Pattern Computer.

Until now, pilots required to take-up a holding pattern had aids to assist them in entering the pattern, but had to rely on the mental application of established “rules of thumb” to determine the adjustments to outbound heading and time to compensate for the prevailing wind. Given the complex inter-relation of these parameters, this is an imprecise method that, particularly if carried out under instrument flying conditions, significantly adds to workload and stress.

For air speeds of 90-110kts, the QuDieM QuikHOLD flight computer greatly eases the pilot’s task by, in addition to identifying the correct flight entry procedure, providing direct read-out of the outbound track, heading adjustment and outbound time for wind speeds up to 40kts. Magnetic variation and wind parameters having been pre-set, in-flight operation is limited to reversing, if necessary, the Holding Pattern direction card and rotating the instrument to the designated inbound magnetic track. Both operations may be completed single-handed while flying.

Key Features

£34.99 incl. vat
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  • Clear identification of correct entry procedure for heading flown to fix.
  • Direct read-out of outbound magnetic track, outbound heading adjustment (±Degrees Magnetic) and outbound time (sec’s).
  • Right and Left handed patterns.
  • Pre-set Magnetic Variation and Forecast Wind direction and speed.
  • Single-handed in-flight operation.
  • High quality UK manufacture.
QuDieM QuikPlan
Image of QuDieM QuikPlan flight computer for calculating flight plans
Designed for use with aircraft cruising at 90-110Kts in winds up to 40Kts, QuDieM QuikPLAN is a practical flight computer for typical training and PPL flights. Requiring no additional protractors, scales etc, still-air magnetic heading and flight time may be read directly from a 1:500,000 chart. Wind compensation factors are displayed numerically providing pilots of typical single-engine aircraft with an easy-to-use means of rapidly planning their route and determining wind compensations for heading and flight time. Once magnetic variation and forecast wind parameters for the planned route are set (prior to departure), single handed operation allows in-flight planning for diversions; an ideal flight computer aid when undertaking the navigation flight test.

In the age of GPS navigation it remains an important discipline that pilots plan their route and understand the effects wind will have on their flight. As a back-up to a GPS generated flight plan, to anticipate and plan wind corrections and as insurance against failure of GPS equipment or service, the QuDieM QuikPLAN flight computer offers a simple means of enhancing flight safety and flight navigation accuracy in a single easy to use instrument.

The QuDieM QuikPLAN flight computer comes with full operating instructions and is an ideal flight planning aid for light aviation flying students and PPLs alike.

Key Features

£34.99 incl. vat
FREE post and packaging

  • Direct read-out of Magnetic Track/Course, Distance & Time to Destination and Wind Correction factors.
  • Preset Magnetic Variation and Forecast Wind.
  • No pencils, markers, protractors or rulers required.
  • VFR and IFR flight planning.
  • In-cockpit operation for diversion planning and position locating.
  • High quality UK manufacture.