Frequently Asked Questions

How will QuDieMGA Flying School software help me run my flying club?
It will reduce human error in the production of invoices and ensure you receive the correct payment by accurately calculating flight time from Brakes Off/On, Take-off/Landing or Tacho/Hobbs times and using pre-set pricing to establish the flight and shop invoice amounts.

It will enable you to easily monitor and control members’ accounts and minimise bad debts.

It will identify memberships that are nearing expiry or have expired and help ensure timely renewal. Not only will this help cash flow but may prevent a major loss if an expired member has an accident and is uninsured.

It will improve communication with members by using the membership database to produce mail-merge documents.

By creating transaction records which can be analysed electronically, it can significantly reduce administrative workload and cost and provide immediate availability to up-to-date information in support of aircraft Tech Logs, Instructor activity and remuneration.

Does QuDieMGA Flying School software replace my accounting system?
No; it is not an accounting package. QuDieMGA is designed to streamline the front desk and operations aspects of a flying club. Due the complex nature of this activity involving variable pricing, time-based charging and multiple payment arrangements coupled with the legal obligation to maintain and analyse detailed records, the standard invoicing function incorporated in accounting systems are far from ideal for the flying club environment.

Can I transfer transaction data from QuDieMGA to an accounting system?
Yes. QuDieMGA flying school software includes reports that provide summary sales and cash flow for input to an accounting package.
Alternatively we produce software that will export the transaction data in a form suitable for importing into Sage systems.

Can QuDieMGA handle Trial Lesson vouchers and flights?
Yes. Club Trial Lesson vouchers are sold through the shop invoicing facility and may be validated and cancelled when presented for flying. Analysis of vouchers used and unused is instantly available enabling evaluation of future commitments.

Third-Party voucher flights are invoiced in accordance with the terms agreed with the voucher supplier, irrespective of actual flight time. The voucher no. may be entered in the Flight Entry screen and is included on the invoice/statement sent to the voucher supplier.

Will QuDieMGA calculate Instructors remuneration?
QuDieMGA Operations Flying School software records details of all flights and can produce a report for each Instructor with remuneration calculated in accordance with each instructor’s pre-set rate/hour.

Does QuDieMGA produce Aircraft Tech Log data?
Yes. QuDieMGA Operations provides a Tech Log Data report for each aircraft showing number of flights and total tech log time per day expressed in Hours/Minutes or Hours/Decimal Hours at the users option. Tech Log time is calculated in accordance with user-defined rules.

Does QuDieMGA track Aircraft Tech Log milestones?
Yes. QuDieMGA Operations has a Tech Data setup for each aircraft and imminent Checks, Annuals, C of A’s, Radio Licence and Insurance are flagged on Start-up.