Terms, Conditions and Guarantees

QuDieMFT and QuDieMGA Software Terms and Conditions

Software is supplied under CavOK’s Licence and Limited Warranty, available on request. QuDieMFT and QuDieMGA software is subject to continuous enhancement and specifications may be subject to change without notice.

Minimum System Requirements:

600MHz PC running Windows XP or later, 100MB RAM and 10MB available disc space. 800x600 screen resolution.

Navigator, QuikHOLD and QuikPLAN Terms and Conditions and Guarantee

By using this site to submit an order for products you are agreeing to accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with these terms or any part of these terms you must not place an order.

The QuDieM Navigator, QuikHOLD and QuikPLAN are designed for student and private pilots of light aircraft. It is constructed from materials consistent with normal operating requirements and care has been taken during design and manufacture to ensure that its accuracy and durability wil give many years of service in its intended use.

CavOK Limited guarantee the QuDieM NAVIGATOR, QuikHOLD and QuikPLAN against defective materials, workmanship and damage in transit for a period of twelve months from purchase and will provide a free of charge replacement provided that the faulty item:

We trust that your QuDieM NAVIGATOR, QuikHOLD and QuikPLAN will add to your flying pleasure for many years.

The NAVIGATOR, QuikHOLD and QuikPLAN are an aid to flight navigation, manufactured and supplied by CavOK Ltd. The pilot must at all times rely on his own skill and judgement to ensure the flight is conducted safely within the local regulatory environment.

CavOK Ltd disclaims all responsibility for any damage or loss sustained by any party associated with the use of this instrument.

Microsoft®, Windows®, are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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